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Why did we build this?

Hey everyone—

I’m Samee, Founder here at DevSignal. Hiring developers sucked for years but it shouldn’t.

Hiring a great developer is crucial. It feels great when you have a finished pixel perfect product engineered the right way. Or fixing ongoing bugs. Or to update the current product without any hassle. That was easy and smooth when there was less noise and people really cared.

But things changed.

Your calendar is a mess. You feel overwhelmed posting jobs on platforms like Upwork and Toptal. An avalanche of automated bids and low quality CVs cluttered everything up with a demand of unbelievable rates. Your previous dev you hired through some fancy and expensive agency has ghosted you. You don’t have a reliable source to hire your dream dev. You have wasted a ton of $ and time interviewing 100's of devs.

Now hiring developers feels like a chore, rather than a joy. Something you fall behind on. Something you clear out, not cherish. Rather than delight in it, you deal with it.

If you find yourself in any of the above situations… we promise, there is a better way.

We’ve built this process where we get your requirements and match you with the perfect tech talent and amazing programmer with the help of Ai - all within 24 hrs.

How we do it you may ask? Let's just say we are good at automating things and our ninja team has built this process where we can do it with no stress. From finding talent and vetting them for technical and communications skill - we do it all.

We aren’t the first to have built a successful tech talent sourcing platform - but we are the first one who does the job super fast and that too with best rates in the market.

And we won't be the last.

We are building an eco-system all around the DevSignal from developer's community to marketplace and more.

Join us today.

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