Hire a dev

Why are we building this?


To connect startups with the world's best global talent.

The new wave of startups are lean, innovative and profitable.

We're founders and know that the people on the team can make or break the company.

That's why we have a very long, boring, and drawn out vetting process to make sure we're only excepting the top 1% of developers.

We're vetting for technical skills, communication, experience and fit for a startup.

It takes a different type of dev to work at a startup and we're finding those for you.

You should be focusing on building your startup and not having to worry about going through AI written resumes and cover letters, to potentially find 1 good dev out of 238.

Leave this to us.

Everything we're doing is with founders and startups in mind - this will be the easiest hiring process you go through.

The process is simple:

- Let us know what you want here

- We'll get back to you with a perfect match in <24hrs

- You review + interview

- You start your 20 hr free trial with the dev

- If everything goes well after the trial (94% trial to hire success rate) you can hire FT or PT on a month-to-month basis

Now that you know why we're building this, you can hire devs here

Welcome to the new wave of startup hiring.